I do not meet the GPA/Test Score requirements; can I still apply?

The Alousi STEM Scholarship is very competitive but it also has a holistic review process. You can still apply to the scholarship without meeting a specific requirement, but it is less likely (though not impossible) for the review committee to select you for an award. You are expected to explain anything that doesn’t meet the requirements and you should still be decently close to the required GPA/test score.

I’m not a US citizen; can I still apply?

Yes, as long as you plan on staying in the United States for your education and professional career.

I can’t apply to FAFSA because I’m an international student; what do I do?

In lieu of your FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR), please submit a paragraph statement demonstrating your financial needs and/or nature of your situation.

How competitive is this scholarship?

Because we get such a large volume of applicants from all over the nation and all different grade levels and majors, this scholarship program is very competitive. Our current average acceptance rate is: 15%.

When will we hear back?

The scholarship deadline is March 11, 2024 at 11:59pm. The committee will meet and review applications throughout the summer. You should hear back by mid-August. Please note we get an incredibly large volume of applicants so there are multiple rounds of review and takes quite a bit of time from when you apply and when you will hear back.

I did not receive the scholarship. Can I apply again next year?

Yes! You can apply again next year.

I did not receive the scholarship. Can I receive feedback on how I can improve my application for next year?

Unfortunately, due to our limited team of staff and the large volume of applicants, we typically cannot provide you with feedback.

Is my major considered STEM?

You can refer to this link to see which list of STEM majors we accept: https://www.ice.gov/doclib/sevis/pdf/stemList2022.pdf. If your field of study is not on there but you strongly believe it is STEM, please reach out to Mikala Cox at mcox@accesscommunity.org to verify whether you can still apply.

I would like to major in a STEM field, but my university does not allow incoming freshmen to declare a major until I achieve the minimum GPA requirements and prerequisite courses. Am I still eligible?

Yes, applicants need to state their “intended major” in their application. Applicants are also expected to convey this by discussing goals for their future career in the essay.

I am going into a graduate program. Can I apply?

Yes; this scholarship is open to high school seniors, undergraduates, and graduate students.

I am taking summer courses and these grades won’t be reflected on my transcript; what do I do?

Send us the most recent transcript by the deadline.  If you aren’t getting your final grades until after, then upload the most recent transcript available. If you know you are going to apply but you won’t get the final grades until just before the deadline, you can always prepare your application and wait until you have that final grades to submit your application, just don’t submit your application late as it will be disqualified. If you would like to update your transcript after you apply, please reach out to Mikala Cox at mcox@accesscommunity.org.

I have a hold on my account and cannot send an official transcript. Can I send an unofficial one instead?

Yes, you may submit an unofficial transcript as long as it is provided by your school (i.e. from registrar office, student portal, etc). You cannot submit some other type of form that reports grades.

My recommendor does not want me to see the letter he/she is submitting on my behalf. What do I do?

You can refer your letter writer to this link to submit the letter to us directly: https://www.centeraap.org/grants/scholarships/scholarship-letter-of-recommendation-form/

Will I get a notification when my recommender submits their letter for my application?

Unfortunately, our system does not automatically notify you when your recommender submits their letter. You may reach out to us via email prior to the due date to confirm it is complete if necessary.

I don’t want my headshot and/or bio to be published on the CAAP website or any marketing material. Does that mean I can’t apply?

You can still apply. Please still submit a photo and bio with your application. If you are awarded a scholarship, you will have the option to opt out of having your photo published through a media release form.

If I’m awarded this scholarship, what can I use the money towards? Do I receive a check in my name?

If awarded, the scholarship will be sent to your institution. Under no circumstances do we mail checks directly to the student. You may use the award money to help cover any costs of attendance allowed by your school’s financial aid office.

I was awarded the scholarship last year but don’t want to renew. Do I still have to fill out the report?

Yes; you agreed to provide career data when you received the scholarship. You are required to fill out the report.

I was awarded the scholarship last year but no longer meet the requirements. Can I renew?

You can still submit a renewal request. It is up to the committee to decide whether they want to renew your award or not. You are expected to explain why you do not meet the requirements.

Will my renewal be in the original amount awarded?

It may differ from the original award amount and is based on the availability of the funds.

I was awarded the scholarship two years ago. I didn’t renew last year but now want the award again. Do I submit a renewal request or new application?

You must submit a new application.

I was awarded the scholarship in my undergraduate program and am now enrolling in a graduate program in the upcoming year. Can I submit a renewal request or new application?

If you are going from an undergraduate program to a new graduate program, you must submit your application as a new scholarship, not a renewal.