Donor Advised Funds

You Want To Give Back. We Can Help.

What causes do you want to support? What kind of legacy do you want to leave? Establishing a donor-advised fund with the Center for Arab American Philanthropy (CAAP) is an important step toward giving deliberately, and amplifying the Arab American voice through philanthropy.

What is a Donor-Advised Fund?

Have you ever wondered where your donation was going, or if you’re really making a difference with your charitable giving? Donor-advised funds operate like charitable bank accounts that offer a low-risk option for charitable giving. Your fund is housed at CAAP, and acts as a vehicle to become more strategic and purposeful with your philanthropy. You can establish your fund with a minimum of  $1,000, and start recommending grants immediately. CAAP does all the work for you, and when you establish a donor-advised fund, it’s a step towards being more intentional in your giving by dedicating more resources to causes you care about most.

Why Should You Establish a Fund With the Center for Arab American Philanthropy?

At CAAP, we do all the legwork associated with charitable giving for you. When you establish a fund and recommend a grant to a charity, we do the research for you, helping you give more effectively. If you’re not sure what charities you’d like to make a contribution to, we’ll conduct research based on your interests and make recommendations. Additionally, if you’re looking to involve others in your cause, we can offer fundraising advice, help you make connections and provide general support.

Working with CAAP, a nonprofit organization, entitles you to an immediate tax deduction any time you contribute to your fund, but still allows you the freedom to decide where you would like to donate at a later date.

Building a Positive Image for Arab Americans

When you make a grant from your fund, the check to your chosen nonprofit organization carries the Center for Arab American Philanthropy name – which makes a bold and powerful statement about Arab American civic engagement. It’s all about collective power – donations through your fund become part of a larger movement to empower Arab Americans and change perceptions about our community.

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