Arab American Philanthropy

The Center for Arab American Philanthropy (CAAP) is a national community foundation. CAAP is an ACCESS institution. ACCESS is the largest nonprofit organization in the country dedicated to providing a range of holistic human services and leading initiatives to amplify the visibility and agency of Arab Americans.

CAAP empowers the Arab American community by demonstrating the impact of giving together. Unlike a traditional community foundation, we are not focused on a geographic location, but on an ethnic community: Arab Americans.

Mission: Building vibrant societies by uniting and strengthening the collective power of Arab American giving.

Vision: A just and equitable world nurtured by the active participation of Arab American giving.

Elevator Pitch: We improve communities by making grants to nonprofit organizations. We serve donors by providing them with smart tools and resources to carry out their philanthropic giving. We build leaders by educating and inspiring Arab Americans, including youth, to realize their potential for change. Most of all, we shape perceptions about Arab Americans by highlighting their generous heritage and exceptional contributions to society.