100 Arab Americans Who Care

CAAP launched the very first 100 Arab American Women Who Care in Southeast Michigan in 2014. Since that time, hundreds of attendees in Michigan, Toledo and Chicago have collectively granted more than $96,000 to a variety of causes including the Belinda Sue Fund for Ovarian Cancer Awareness and Research, Safe Harbor for Women, Kids Against Hunger, and much more. We’re currently looking for individuals who are interesting in launching similar events across the country in their own local communities. 

100 Arab Americans Who Care brings together socially conscious Arab Americans in a fun and informal setting to pool their resources and make a large grant to a local cause. Through 100 Arab Americans Who Care events, attendees participate in an immersive experience that allows them to give smart and give together. Additionally, these events allow us to further our mission of shaping perceptions and empowering the Arab American community through philanthropy.

100 Arab America Women Who Care 2015 100 Arab America Women Who Care 2015

Learn more about this exclusive CAAP event, and how to launch your own 100 Arab Americans Who Care!

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