Grantmaking and Giving Services

Whether you’re looking for a partner to support your personal philanthropy, or you are a grantseeker searching for funding for an incredible cause, the Center for Arab American Philanthropy (CAAP) can help. We offer a range of grantmaking and giving services focused on our mission to promote, facilitate and celebrate Arab American charitable giving.

Through donor-advised funds, giving circles and impact area funds, we provide our donors with the resources, tools, and expertise required to make a meaningful impact on causes they care about.

  • Our variety of giving vehicles ensure that practically anyone can start a fund with CAAP. By starting a fund with CAAP, you become part of our grassroots movement to empower Arab Americans to take their charitable giving to the next level. And, when you give through CAAP, you work with the Arab American community collectively to build a positive public perception about our community.

Philanthropy and Arab AmericansBy making grants, training youth to give back and hosting impactful fundraisers, we are improving communities across the country and changing the narrative on Arab American civic engagement.

  • CAAP’s Community Grantmaking Program has supported Arab American nonprofits since 2009, and provides much-needed general operating support for human services, arts and culture, and a myriad of other dynamic causes.
  • Our Teen Grantmaking Initiative is the only Arab American youth philanthropy program in the country, and challenges youth to take their community service to the next level by making a tangible impact on their local community.
  • CAAP’s 100 Arab Americans Who Care event is expanding across the country, offering donors a fun, social venue to make a huge impact on a great cause in their region. Additionally, this event makes a powerful statement about the generosity of the Arab American community.

Interested in learning more about our grantmaking and giving services? We’re happy to connect with you and discuss how we can help make your mission a reality.