Giving Circle: Bustan Al-Funun

Giving circles: Good things come around

Starting or joining a giving circle is a fun and participatory form of philanthropy. When you form a giving circle, you pool your charitable resources with your network of friends and colleagues who share your interests in social causes. Together, you make decisions about the causes that matter most to your group, decide how you want to make change in the world, and then collectively award grants to nonprofit organizations.

The Bustan Al-Funun Giving Circle was founded by several women in Southeast Michigan, and supports projects that promote Arab arts in America.

Giving circles are just one way the Center for Arab American Philanthropy (CAAP) demonstrates that anyone can be a philanthropist – if they give of their time, talent, or treasure – and that there is so much power in giving together By starting a giving circle with CAAP, you can make a bigger difference than you could alone, and you will be part of a national movement to increase the visibility of Arab American charitable giving – shaping perceptions and improving communities.

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