Disaster Relief Fund

Our Disaster Relief Fund was created as a response to global humanitarian and environmental crises. This fund has supported a variety of international and domestic campaigns for disaster relief and recovery. Some of our larger campaigns have reacted to crises in Syria, Haiti, Gaza, and Japan, and not only focus on immediate relief but also aid with long-term recovery.

Current Campaign: Emergency Aid for Gaza

In response to the continued humanitarian tragedy in Gaza, CAAP is continuing to take action through our Disaster Relief Fund. The immediate and long term needs are great.

100% of your donation will support your choice of:

The United Palestinian Appeal (UPA), who is in Gaza:

  • Delivering essential medical provisions to hospitals
  • Deploying an emergency response medical team.
  • Distributing hygiene kits, food and water.
  • Implementing a long-term relief plan, including post-trauma mental health support.

And/or UNRWA USAwho  is in Gaza helping 250,000 people seeking safety in UNRWA shelters and another 250,000 Palestinian refugees by:

  • Distributing food and water.
  • Distributing essential items such as blankets, mattresses and hygiene kits.
  • Offering emergency safety shelters.
  • Offering healthcare in emergency shelters, including for those with special needs.

These initiatives can only bring life-saving resources to Palestinians with our support. Please give today.

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