Woman with hijab sitting at a table, holding a mug and smiling, looking at laptop screen

Launched at CAAP in 2016, the first and only one of its kind, the Dr. Adawia Alousi STEM Scholarship Fund for Muslim Women provides financial assistance to Muslim women pursuing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields in the United States. For many of the recipients of the scholarship, this recognition serves more than just financial support for their academic journeys. It’s an opportunity to be part of a community of other Muslim women striving to innovate in their respective careers and give back to others. 

We are very excited to offer our scholars the chance to participate in the Alousi Scholars Mentorship Program.   Financial support alone is not enough to get students through school.  This program is intended to support our Alousi scholars beyond the scholarship by providing a chance for students to meet professionals with similar backgrounds. 

The objectives of the program are: 

  • Help our scholars thrive in their STEM education and careers 
  • Facilitate meaningful relationships with practicing STEM professionals to exchange knowledge and experience 
  • Create a community of like-minded women by providing peer-to-peer group programming 

Whether you are here to be a mentee or to serve as a mentor, we welcome you into our community where we aim to provide Muslim women in STEM with guidance, support, and community connections through mentoring relationships. Through the power of mentorship, we hope this programming will help our scholars explore, start, and grow in their careers.


Seeking a mentor can be extremely beneficial to your academic, social, and professional success. As an Alousi Scholar, applying to the mentorship program is optional, but highly encouraged. Mentees will be matched based on the availability of mentors, so we cannot guarantee you will be matched in the first Fall 2023 semester. We will try our best to match students to mentors with similar backgrounds, fields of study, common interests, or work experience. If you are not matched by Fall 2023, we will continue to seek out a mentor for you, and you may be matched at a later date. Please only apply if you are seriously committed to joining the program. Applicants must complete the application as well as a short informal interview.

The commitment as a mentee: 

  • Initiate virtual or in-person meetings once a month, for at least one hour, with your mentor 
  • Attend the welcoming event and other programming (both virtual) with mentors and students 
  • Come ready at each meeting with a specific question or topic to discuss
  • Complete a post-program survey 



Becoming a mentor is a great way to give back, connect with others, and share your knowledge and experiences with the next generation of STEM leaders. We are looking for professionals who would be willing to commit a minimum of 1 hour a month to meet with an assigned mentee(s). Mentors do not need any special training to participate, although we will provide you with resources and tips you may need to be an impactful mentor. If this is something you are interested in, please sign up by clicking below. In addition, if you know someone else in your network who might be interested in the opportunity, please let me know!  

The commitment as a mentor: 

  • Watch a brief introductory training video on mentoring (optional) and review the mentorship best practices document
  • Attend monthly meetings with your mentee during the academic school year for one hour
  • Attend our welcoming and closing event (both virtual) with all mentors and students
  • Come ready to listen and answer questions from your mentee, share life lessons and experiences, and potentially provide connections or opportunities  


Questions? Contact Mikala Cox at mcox@accesscommunity.org.