Impact Area Fund

The Center for Arab American Philanthropy (CAAP) offers several competitive grantmaking programs. Grants from these programs are submitted for committee review, and are subject to final approval from CAAP’s Advisory Board.

Grant opportunities for all our funds and grantmaking programs are available here, and you can view past grants from all our competitive grantmaking programs through our grants database.

Community Grantmaking Program

Recognizing the need to assist chronically underserved Arab American communities, CAAP established the Community Grantmaking Program in 2009. Our oldest grantmaking initiative, the Community Grantmaking Program provides critically-needed general operating support to Arab American nonprofits around the country. From education, to arts and culture, to human services, this program supports organizations at the forefront of empowering the Arab American community.

Disaster Relief Grantmaking Program

Created as a response to the outbreak of various environmental and humanitarian crises across the world, this fund has supported efforts to combat disasters and provide for long-term development in Syria, Japan, Gaza, and Haiti.

Empower Women and Children Grantmaking Program

Arab American women and children are critically underserved, and face various barriers to becoming fully participating citizens of the U.S. This grantmaking program provides a line of support through nonprofits that offer economic empowerment initiatives, which include vocational ESL instruction, financial literacy classes, and small business development. Learn more about how this program is enabling Arab American women and children thrive.

Teen Grantmaking Initiative (TGI)

Through our various TGI chapters around the country, we are empowering youth to take action and serve their community through philanthropy. TGI is the only Arab American youth philanthropy program in the country. Through TGI, youth fundraise, learn about the needs of youth in their community, make grants to service those needs, and learn about team building and leadership in the process. Learn more about TGI.