Doing the Right Thing On and Off Campus: Tina Al-Khersan

Tina Al-Khersan, a junior at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, has been selected to receive the 2015 NAAP Arab American Scholarship. The Network of Arab American Professionals (NAAP) is a professional organization that advocates for collective advancement of all Arab Americans through networking opportunities, community service and education. NAAP established the NAAP Arab American…

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Hiba and Chady

Meet Hiba Yazbeck, a Lebanese American philanthropist

Since she was young, philanthropy has always played a huge part in her life, being raised by parents who were active philanthropists. A financial expert and accountant in the automotive industry, Hiba Yazbeck, along with husband Chady Webhe, has spent much of her life giving back to others. We recently spoke with Hiba Yazbeck to learn more about…

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Yasmine El Baggari Voyaj

Yasmine El-Baggari: Wanderlust for world peace

Yasmine El-Baggari, age 22, is doing her utmost best to make a widespread impact on the world, one person at a time. Through her tech start-up Voyaj, she seeks to help travelers make lasting, meaningful connections with hosts in different countries. The Voyaj service, which is preparing for its official launch, uses a matching algorithm…

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Flint Water Crisis: How to Help

The city of Flint, Michigan is facing an extreme crisis, as their drinking water has been contaminated with toxic amounts of lead, rendering it extremely dangerous and unsafe and leaving thousands of families and individuals without clean water. CAAP is responding to the crisis by recommending groups that are working to help the people of…

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Stephanie Abraham

Stephanie Abraham and a Passion for Helping Others

For Stephanie Abraham, giving is in her blood. Her mother comes from an Irish Catholic family and her father’s family emigrated from Lebanon and Syria, where they were Maronite Catholics. For Stephanie, philanthropy wasn’t an option but a given. Her parents gave 5% of their income to the Church and 5% to other charitable causes,…

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Omar Yousef Shehabi

Omar Yousef Shehabi: Bringing Legal Services to Palestine

Omar Shehabi didn’t always identify with his Palestinian-Arab identity. A  first-generation Arab American born in Warren, Ohio, Omar was cognizant of his ancestry growing up, as his mother is of Lebanese descent and his father immigrated to the U.S. from Palestine in the 1960s. The Shehabi family has its roots in Jerusalem, in the Old…

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Arab American Scholarship

NAAP Scholarship Now Accepting Applications

The Network of Arab-American Professionals (NAAP) is currently accepting applications for the Arab-American Scholarship, the deadline to apply is December 30. The scholarship is open to currently enrolled college students who have demonstrated excellent academic achievement and an appreciation, understanding and promotion of his or her Arab American identity to the student community at large….

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TGI Summit

TGI Attends 2015 Arab American Summit

From November 7-8th, the youth in our Teen Grantmaking Initiative (TGI) attended the Arab American Summit hosted by the National Network of Arab American Communities (NNAAC). The Arab American Summit is a two-day convening of leaders, advocates, students and allies from across the country as they honor the work that has been done to build…

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