When you’re fighting Islamophobia, when you’re debunking and correcting misconceptions, when you’re thinking outside of the box to promote inclusion and diversity locally, regionally, even nationally—you make bold decisions not made before because your gut tells you, ‘this is the right thing. Do the right thing.’ Truly, the best part is helping an idea develop from inception to reality, then seeing how it impacts people’s lives, not only at the moment, but for years to come. That inspiration alone gives you the hope and strength necessary to continue walking the unbeaten path. That is the power of education. That is the domino effect of giving.

Originally from Aleppo, Syria, Dima El-Gamal is a proud Arab American living in Bloomfield Hills, MI with her husband Mahmoud, son Tamer and daughter Dahlia. A dedicated and active philanthropist, Dima donates much of her time to giving back by serving on professional and nonprofit boards, commissions and committees.

Dima holds a doctorate in Civil Engineering from Wayne State University (WSU). Recently, she celebrated her 21st year with Stantec Consulting and Engineering consulting firm based in Ann Arbor where she is currently a Senior Associate. With her expertise, she serves on the West Bloomfield Township Planning Commission, the WSU Civil Engineering Department Advisor Board and the MWEA State Asset Management Committee.

Dima is devoted to promoting diversity and inclusion in her community by fighting against Islamophobia, as well as debunking and correcting misconceptions. At the Muslim Unity Center of Bloomfield Hills, Dima is a board member, a co-chair of the Interfaith Committee and chair of the Community Engagement Committee. She is also active in the Bloomfield Hills School District and is on their Global Education Team. She was a Global Champion Parent and a Co-Founder of Muslim Parents of Bloomfield Hills, an active group in the Bloomfield Hills district that has been instrumental in promoting diversity and inclusion in the district. She recently joined the Bloomfield Youth Assistance Recognition Committee as well. Notably, one of her biggest contributions is serving as chair of the Friends of 1001 Inventions Michigan.

More than anything, Dima advocates for Muslims and Arab Americans as a part of the fabric of the American society. She believes that you can be who you are and still contribute to the society. She does what she can to educate others because education is key to clearing misconceptions, and it is key to contributing to a more accepting and inclusive community.

**If you would like your school or organization to receive a 1001 Inventions poster set, please contact the Arab American National Museum at (313) 429-2535.**


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