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Are you a fan of backgammon? Or do you wish to learn how toplay? The Alif Institute, based in Georgia, is hosting a Backgammon Tournament as a way to showcase a fun and engaging
aspect of the Arab culture. Backgammon, or ‘Tawilet El Zahr’ (translates to
‘The Table of Dice’) in Arabic, is a very popular game in the Middle East, as
well as one of the oldest boards that exists for two players. The event allows
participants to test their abilities as well as learn how to play the game for
those wishing to learn. The tournament is this Saturday, February 28. For more
info and registration information, click here.

If you’re into performance arts, check out New York’s Alwan
for the Arts
, as they are hosting a
special event celebrating the release of the new album by the talented Farah
. The title of the
album is ‘Dunya’ (meaning ‘world’ in English), and features more of her
signature style of Arabian Flamenco Jazz. An international sensation, Farah has
toured the Middle East, Europe, India, South America and the United States,
using her music to spread the message of unity and peace. The event is this
Saturday, February 28. For more information regarding Farah and her band and
ticket sales, click here.


Photo of Farah Siraj courtesy of Alwan for the Arts

If you happen to find yourself on the West Coast, be sure to
visit the Third Annual OceanLeaf Awards hosted by the Somali Family Service of
San Diego
. The OceanLeaf Awards
honor individuals and organizations that have provided exceptional leadership
and support to Somali and East African refugees and immigrants in the San Diego
Community. The ceremony is February 25 and this year’s theme is Honoring Communities Woven Together by Hope
and Resilience.
For more information regarding the event and how to
purchase tickets, follow this link.

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to browse our complete list of fall

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