When you volunteer abroad, you have the opportunity to experience a new place, and to create a positive impact for people and the planet. As people who regularly travel while offering their time for local causes, “voluntourists” understand the reward that comes from sharing their talent and resources for the benefit of others.

Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) has been building and subsidizing  homes for families living in poverty since 1976. HFHI hosts international volunteer trips in partnership with their local chapters. Volunteers from abroad can sign up to help build homes in several different countries as part of HFHI’s “Global Village” program. Typically, the traveler covers the cost of their own flight and expenses. From Nov. 9-16, Habitat for Humanity Jordan is hosting a volunteer work trip to rural parts of the country. Volunteers will construct homes from concrete, and will also have opportunities for group activities in the evening. Participants often elect to take side trips to scenic parts of the country for some “R&R” after the work trip is finished. These international work trips, as well as helping out families through much-needed construction projects, also foster cross-cultural dialogue, mutual understanding and collaboration.

HFHI hosts several work trips a year to countries all over the world – keep your eye out for a trip that might interest you, and learn more about their Global Village program!

This post concludes CAAP’s 2012 travel philanthropy series, we hope that our articles have encouraged you to become a more responsible tourist. We’ve had a great time exploring destinations throughout the Middle East with you this summer!

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