Youth in CAAP’s Teen Grantmaking Initiative (TGI) recently participated in the Youth Driven Spaces conference presented by Neutral Zone, with two of the TGI members actively involved in planning the event.

In addition to presenting a workshop titled “Caring For Yourself In the Presence of Social Media,” the youth won first place in a fundraising pitch competition, earning $1,115 in funding for their grantmaking!

TGI trains youth to address needs within their communities by teaching them grantmaking through real-life application. They have identified three critical issues for youth through their needs assessments and are now fundraising for these issues:

  • Mental health and wellness
  • Education system, academic stress and college readiness
  • Healthy coping mechanisms (addressing issues such as alcohol, substance and/or tobacco use as well as social isolation, self-harm, bullying, etc.)

They will eventually grant the funds they raise to youth-led initiatives addressing these areas.

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