More than 2,500 children were orphaned following the 2014 attacks on Gaza. There is hope, however, and you can provide the help these children need: the Welfare Association’s Orphans of Gaza Program provides an innovative strategy to change the course of these orphans’ lives. The Welfare Association (WA) has established a track record of problem-solving in Palestine as an effective grantmaker, being well connected to community needs. Following the 2008 Gaza War, the WA provided care for 1,800 orphans, empowering these youth to lead dignified and self-determined lives.

The Orphans of Gaza 2014 Program provides a comprehensive, long-term approach to meet the needs of the 2,500 orphans, from infancy through age 22. The program surrounds each orphan with a fully-integrated support system throughout the critical years of childhood and adolescence, providing such things as education, healthcare, and housing.

Children everywhere should have the right to be educated, protected and healthy. You have the power to bring that right to the orphans of Gaza. Give to the Fostering Leadership for Young Palestinians (FLYP) Fund today and increase your impact! YOU can make a difference and give these orphans a brighter future.

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