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A planned gift is any charitable gift, immediate or deferred, that considers an individual’s personal tax, financial, and estate planning circumstances. Planned gifts can be as simple as an outright gift of cash, or as sophisticated as a charitable trust or foundation that is integrated into a multifaceted financial and estate plan.

Benefits of Planned Giving

  • Planned gifts have significant tax advantages
  • Planned gifts can help minimize the estate tax.
  • Planned gifts ensure the long-term support of organizations that you care about, even beyond your lifetime.

Planned giving should involve the services of a professional advisor. A professional advisor can discuss your personal philanthropic goals with you, explain legal terminology, and detail the pros and cons of different giving vehicles — including how various options will affect your tax obligations.

For more on on planned giving and leaving a legacy for the future, please consult CAAP’s Guide to Arab American Giving.

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