Members of TGI pose for the My Arab American Vote campaign

Encouraging civic participation is a powerful way for nonprofits and foundations to advance their missions and improve the quality of life in our communities, state and nation.

Studies have shown that stronger social bonds encourage higher voter turnout. This is where theMy Arab American Vote and Yalla Vote campaigns, projects of the National Network for Arab American Communities and the Arab American Institute, play a key role. These campaigns mobilize and educate Arab American voters across the country by:

  1. creating voter guides that address major issues in federal and state-level elections,
  2. coordinating a multi-platform communications campaign that informs the public of the unique concerns of the Arab American voting populace,
  3. disseminating materials that empower civilians to approach and interact with their elected officials.

At its core, philanthropy is about creating long-lasting social change, which is achieved when citizens become engaged in their communities and are knowledgeable about social issues. We encourage all Arab Americans to visit the Yalla Vote website and the My Arab American Vote Facebook page, to download their own voter guide and to educate themselves on their own local ballot issues – which can affect change just as much as national elections.

We are proud to fund community organizations like the Arab American Heritage Council, the Arab American Association of New York and the Arab Cultural and Community Center – all grassroots nonprofit organizations (and members of NNAAC) involved in engaging their local communities in the voting process. The events of the Arab Spring remind us all of our privilege and responsibility to participate fully in a democratic society, so get out in your community and YALLA VOTE!

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