Imagine having to start over in a new country with no job, no family support, and the inability to speak the native language. This is exactly what Zozan Alhajji faced with her husband, Moussa, and their two children Sam and Elva, after fleeing war in Syria in search of a better future for their kids.

After a few years in refugee camps, the family arrived in Dearborn, Michigan, but they didn’t know where to go or what to do. Moussa struggled to find a job, they lived in a small house with poor ventilation and couldn’t even pay rent, and Zozan couldn’t fulfill her dream of going to college due to their situation. They felt completely helpless!

ACCESS helped the family to seek their green cards, obtain medical coverage, and receive essential services. Through the Building Blocks for New Americans (BBNA) Fund, the family was helped to find a new house, aided with few months of rent, and provided furniture and household goods.

Today, they feel at home. The kids love the new house. Moussa has a good job. And Zozan? Well, she is currently studying toward a Bachelor’s degree in English at Henry Ford College in Dearborn.

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