Detroit4Detroit is a new initiative of Citizen Effect, which leverages the collective power of grassroots fundraisers (“citizen philanthropists”) for maximum impact with community development projects. Citizen Effect partners with local community organizations, and then helps activists raise money for their projects. While Citizen Effect usually supports projects in third world locales, they recently received a grant from the Knight Foundation to bring their focus to Detroit – hence Detroit4Detroit.

ACCESS (founder of CAAP) is a partner organization of the Detroit4Detroit initiative and will launch a series of scalable projects that will serve Detroit citizens. ACCESS’ first project is to raise money for the HPV vaccine. They are also working on a Porch Light Safety project, and potentially a Mobile Dental Unit project – both of which will impact the Chadsey Condon neighborhood in Detroit.

CAAP is proud to support this initiative, which harnesses the collective power of a few for the greater good of many. Last night’s (Jan 26) Detroit4Detroit Launch party was a huge success, with a large turnout and representation from lead project partners: ACCESS, Brightmoor Alliance, COTS, DAPCEP, SER Metro Detroit, and Wellspring.  You can learn more about the initiative, and “join the 150,” at

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