Who is working to increase diversity and inclusion in the philanthropy field? D5, a coalition that includes 18 foundations and philanthropic support organizations, seeks to change the face of philanthropy in America. The coalition’s most recent report, State of the Work 2012, builds on previous data that suggests foundation staff and giving patterns do not reflect the diversity present in the U.S.

Thanks to the efforts of foundation executives and staff, it seems the pattern is reversing for the better. More foundations are putting greater emphasis on hiring diverse professionals, and some organizations, such as the Council of Michigan Foundations and Philanthropy New York, have launched learning initiatives in their states to understand more about the diverse communities they serve, including Arab and Muslim Americans.

In addition to their other work (which includes defining best practices in diversifying philanthropy and performing outreach efforts), over the next few years D5 will be building the capacity of “population-focused funds (PFFs)” that concentrate their efforts on specific cultural groups, strengthening donors and enhancing giving in diverse communities through their Philanthropic Inclusion Fund. The Center for Arab American Philanthropy is pleased to partner with D5 in this initiative, and is privileged to receive a $10,000 grant that will further our mission of advancing Arab American philanthropy.

D5 says:

Population-focused funds have immense potential but don’t yet receive the foundation support they need to grow and become sustainable. Diverse donors need greater recognition and visibility to increase their connections to fellow donors, key networks, and the larger field of philanthropy as well as to debunk the myth that diverse communities lack the ability, philanthropic culture, or resources to attack problems affecting their communities.

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