Every month GOOD magazine features a #30DaysofGOOD challenge to its readers. Participants are encouraged to share the results via various social media channels as well as GOOD’s website. We at CAAP are especially interested in this month’s challenge, as it encourages pondering creative ways to give back.

This month’s #30DaysofGOOD campaign is one way to further democratize philanthropy, as studies show that Americans who give away the biggest proportion of their income are women who make less than $23,509 per year. Finding innovative ways to make a philanthropic impact makes charitable giving accessible to those who might not pull in the largest salaries.

The online community has taken up the challenge, and many of the charitably-minded are finding ways to match their interests with their microgiving. One bookworm has been slipping $20 bills into her favorite books in various stores. Another Italian foodie has been sharing huge amounts of lasagna with her neighbors.

We would love your feedback about creative ways you can give this holiday season. What about encouraging your loved ones to support Somalia relief in lieu of presents? How about starting a giving circle with a group of friends, family, or coworkers to make a difference together? Let us know your ideas via Twitter and Facebook!

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