All over the country generous microphilanthropists are finding ways to contribute to the #30DaysofGOOD cause. Here in Michigan, Kmart shoppers started paying the balance of random layaway accounts, a couple began passing out $100 bills in Detroit, and a mysterious fairy in Grand Rapids is putting change in fortuitous parking meters.

You don’t always have to give cash to support the causes you care about most. It is easier now, more than ever to use your resources a little differently for charitable causes. Did you know that you can

  • donate unused gift cards to charity? Some gift cards automatically donate a portion to charity.
  • buy charity gift cards that let the recipient choose which charity to support?
  • elect to donate your credit card cash back rewards to charity?
  • go on a volunteer vacation? Many well-deserving nonprofits offer mission trips abroad. Even if you are unable to travel out of the country, you can always volunteer domestically.
  • donate unused non-cash items? This is a great alternative to returning unwanted holiday gifts to the store. Ditch the gift receipt this year!

Additionally, if you need great gift ideas look no further than our Holiday Gift Guide.

CAAP wishes you a philanthropic holiday season! We’ll be back in the new year with more insights from the Arab American giving world. Thank you for your support and engagement!

Photo credit: Celine Chamberlin

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