At their most basic level, annual reports are meant to inform, educate, and summarize a year of hard work. When done well, annual reports can inspire, empower and captivate a nonprofit’s donors as well as encourage them to form a deeper relationship with the organization.

Annual reports are absolutely crucial for nonprofits that wish to be sustainable.

Nonprofit marketer Katya Andresen says that while annual reports should tell a good story about an organization, the best annual reports put donors at the center of that story with powerful images and captivating narratives.

While it is becoming more popular for annual reports to be made available in electronic formats, including websites, videos and PDFs, nonprofits should not underestimate the value of handing a tangible printed report to their donors. Any nonprofit looking to produce an annual report should weigh all the considerations, including cost of time and resources, before making a decision about the format.

If you need inspiration for your next annual report, look no further than the collection at the Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration. Also, we’d love your feedback of CAAP’s most recent annual report, which is available for download here.

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