Word of the Month: Hassan

كلمة الشهر


The next installment in our Arab Word of the Month blog series highlights an Arabic word that has many different meanings depending on the context in which it used: حسن.

Transliterated as ‘hassan’, this Arabic word’s many meanings share a common theme: the idea of being good, or better than before – an improvement. Used as an adjective, ‘hassan’ can describes things that aesthetically look good or well; often it is a way of referring to someone as handsome or pretty. It is for this reason that ‘hassan’ is a popular male Arabic name.

As a verb, all of the variations of ‘hassan’ relate to the idea of improvement and bettering something or someone. ‘Hassan’ is defined as improving or making something better. A different variation, ‘tahasan’ (تحسن), refers to an object or individual improving itself; for example, the health of an individual improving after a sickness. ‘Hassan’ reflects the generous and caring nature of the Arab culture, as the word provides evidence of a culture that is dedicated to helping others to improve.

We hope you enjoy this month’s word, and continue learning more about the beauty of the Arabic
language and Arab culture!

One comment on “Arabic Word of the Month: Hassan”

  1. 1
    Lasri Hasan on March 24, 2016

    Yes of course
    the best name after ”Mohammed” is ”Hassan”

    that because I will thank’s my God ”ALLAH’ for Islam

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