The film festival season is quickly approaching as the weather finally warms up and spring arrives! A number of Arab film festivals are accepting submissions for their upcoming events.

Boston Palestine Film
Festival (BPFF):


The BPFF is now accepting film submissions for its 9th
annual festival, set to take place in Boston at the Museum of Fine Arts from
October 16 to the 25th. The BPFF brings Palestine-related cinema and
culture to Boston. The festival features many thought-provoking and topical
films ranging from documentaries to features to video art pieces. These works
from directors around the world offer honest and independent views of Palestine
and its storied history, culture and society. Past festivals have offered
concerts in addition to the many films, and some notable entries from last
year’s festival include the films Giraffada
and My Love Awaits Me by the Sea. For
more information on the Boston Palestine Film Festival, visit the website! And
if you are interested in learning more about submissions for the festival,
follow this link.

Arab Film Festival


The AFF is also accepting submissions for its annual film
festival. The 19th annual Arab Film Festival will be held in the San
Francisco Bay Area in October 2015. AFF annually showcases works by independent
filmmakers who provide a glimpse into the beauty and diversity of the Arab
world. The films shown provide perspectives on the Arab people, culture,
history, art and politics. This year’s festival is looking to focus more on
comedies, animation, children’s films and music videos. For more information
about the Arab Film Festival visit the website! And to learn more about
submissions for the festival, click here.

Chicago Palestine
Film Festival (CPFF):


The Chicago Palestine Film Festival begins April 18th!
Submissions for this year’s festival are closed. Similar to the BPFF, the CPFF
brings Palestinian culture and history to the Chicago area, providing
through-provoking films from various independent filmmakers. For more
information about this year’s festival, please visit the website!

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