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The Center for Arab American Philanthropy (CAAP) is pleased to announce the 2017 round of grantees from our Community Grantmaking Fund, which is supported by CAAP board members and individual donors across the United States. CAAP will distribute a total of $40,000 to 9 deserving Arab American nonprofit organizations across the country, which will allow them to carry out and expand their work in their respective communities. This year’s grants will fund various initiatives involving arts and culture, social services, education, and advocacy.

Center for Arabic Culture
Arab cultural dance presentation at an event hosted by CAC

Two of the organizations receiving grants this year include the Arab American Civic Council, located in Anaheim, California, and the Center for Arabic Culture, located in Somerville, Massachusetts. The Arab American Civic Council focuses on encouraging civic engagement in the Arab American community. During the 2016 presidential campaign, the Arab American Civic Council worked to engage and mobilize Arab Americans to vote as a way of empowering the community and increasing voter representation.

The Center for Arabic Culture (CAC) works to promote the Arab culture and the Arab American experience through education and the arts. CAC offers numerous cultural programs ranging from musical productions from various Arab artists to their Arabic language program. CAC strives to empower Arab Americans in hopes of building bridge between the Arab American community and the greater New England community.

You can view all of this year’s grantees by viewing our grants portal. Through our Community Grantmaking Fund, CAAP is working to improve communities and empower Arab Americans across the nation.

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