Part of our CAAPtivating Reads Series by Katherine Hanway, CAAP Donor Services and Program Officer

Whether you are looking for the latest tips on how to make more impact through your giving, simple definitions to complicated philanthropic terms, or ideas for how to get your whole family involved in charity, Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen’s new book Giving 2.0 has something for anyone with a generous spirit. 

Using personal stories about individual philanthropists, as well as her own charitable giving, Arillaga-Andreessen argues that “a philanthropist is anyone who gives anything –time, money, experience, skills, and networks—in any amount to create a better world.” While many people think that the term philanthropist only applies to those who give away millions of dollars, we at CAAP agree with the above definition; whether you give $5 to support victims of a natural disaster, volunteer at your local soup kitchen, or share your skills and experience with a nonprofit at no charge, you are making a difference in the lives of others.

Giving 2.0 offers advice and personal testimonies related to a variety of topics including: volunteering and serving on nonprofit boards; new trends in philanthropy such as giving circles, micro-lending, and social entrepreneurship; and various philanthropic vehicles such as donor-advised funds, community foundations, and family foundations. Each chapter offers helpful tips at the end, such as specific ways to engage your family members in charitable giving, or a list of questions to ask organizations you’re thinking of volunteering for or donating to. While we would have liked to see more about identity-based funds and ethnic philanthropy in the book, we recommend Giving 2.0 as a great read whether you are new to giving or have been practicing philanthropy for years.

For philanthropic thoughts and tips related to the Arab American community, check out CAAP’s Guide to Arab American Giving and Workbook.

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