The Center for Arab American Philanthropy (CAAP) is responding to the current tragedy affecting the civilian population of Gaza by researching organizations providing humanitarian aid to those in need. All of the organizations below meet CAAP’s due diligence standards for charitable donations.

ANERA: ANERA is delivering essential medicine and supplies to hospitals and clinics; purchasing and delivering food to displaced families; and delivering hygiene kits filled with basic sanitary supplies for displaced people. They also plan to help rebuild damaged hospitals, clinics, and schools, as well as reconnect homes to drinking water in communities hit hard by bombs. Learn more. Donate.

Catholic Relief Services: While Catholic Relief Services’ physical office space in Gaza is closed because of the risks, their team of 15 Gazan staff are still working from their homes, with support from CRS’ Jerusalem and Ramallah offices. They are delivering survival kits to displaced families, have begun procuring medical supplies for four Gaza hospitals/clinics, and are preparing their teams and local partner organizations to provide psycho-social support to deal with the massive trauma. Learn more. Donate.

Friends of UNRWA: UNRWA is providing shelter to more than 100,000 people in 68 designated emergency shelters in the Gaza strip. The priority is to provide food, water, sleeping, hygiene and cleaning items to those in need. They are also delivering diesel to water and sewage pump stations, conducting sanitation work, and operating health clinics. On July 21, more than 6,500 people visited UNRWA health clinics including 500 children. Learn more.Donate.

Mercy Corps: Mercy Corps reports that they have 85 team members and a network of over 50 community organizations working in Gaza to provide humanitarian aid. They are distributing emergency food and supply packages, and other basic necessities like blankets, baby wipes and diapers, detergent and hygiene items. Despite the volatile security situation, they have been able to deliver nearly 400 packages a day to various sites. Learn more. Donate.

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