On National Philanthropy Day, November 15, 2014, the Arab American National Museum hosted an event honoring Russell J. Ebeid. Ebeid is a well known philanthropist who has served the Michigan community and beyond for many years.

Inside the Russell J. Ebeid Library & Resource Center
Photo Credit: Mohamad Jaber/Assabeel

At the event, the Arab American National Museum officially unveiled the renaming of their library to the Russell J. Ebeid Library & Resource Center to honor Russell and his incredible philanthropic contributions. The ceremony itself was short and sweet, highlighting the accomplishments of Ebeid and his prominent role in the world of philanthropy.

“Russ is the rare individual who is not only capable and dedicated to achieving a goal, but also personally invested in working toward positive change. When he gets involved in something he believes in, he lends it much more than his support — he provides strategic vision and steadfast commitment,” said Maha Freij, deputy director and CFO of ACCESS.

Ebeid has long supported ACCESS and its national initiatives, including the Arab American Naitonal Museum and the Center for Arab American Philanthropy (CAAP), which runs several of Ebeid’s scholarship initiatives for minority youth. Ebeid’s recent $2 million planned gift to the Museum will support several oral histories, photos, artifact, books, newspapers and other items that highlight Arab American contributions, placing their stories within the larger context of American history.

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