While we nonprofit professionals await the latest developments with Jumo, the oft-hyped “Facebook for Nonprofits,” the social networking giant itself is releasing a few changes that could prove to be instrumental for advancing the causes of philanthropic institutions.

When a Facebook user donates to a cause or posts a video about a cause of their choice, that activity often gets drowned out by the barrage of updates from applications and games. Facebook’s new system will help prolong the shelf-life of that activity, encouraging followers to engage and perhaps make a donation themselves.

In addition, in the near future Facebook users can do more than “liking” an activity by making use of “watch,” “listen,” “donate” and “support” buttons.

While the above changes are not yet live, we are eagerly following the changes that are in progress for Facebook pages, which will allow CAAP’s message to spread to a greater audience.

Photo credit: atypicaltypea.com

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