Recently,, the online learning tool for those interested in philanthropy underwent a drastic makeover by introducing improved functionality, a more intuitive layout, and more helpful resources for those interested in learning more about nonprofits, philanthropy, and grantmaking.

Created in 2010, LearnPhilanthropy emerged as a tool to accelerate learning among newcomers to philanthropy, helping them grow their knowledge base while changing how learning happens in the field. Several hundred grantmakers, content providers and others who care about improving learning provided insight and advice to ensure the site provided all the essentials needed to enhance learning amongst grantmakers. Since then, LearnPhilanthropy has become a program of the Johnson Center for Philanthropy at Grand Valley State University.

LearnPhilanthropy offers trusted knowledge, as the information available is gathered from qualified experts and has also been tested by others in the field. With this expertise, LearnPhilanthropy provides accessible tools that help grantmakers grow and improve. The redesigned website allows LearnPhilanthropy to become a stronger search engine, creating a more centralized space and adding new resources and new ways to retrieve important information. Additionally, the site helps explore common issues and hot topics in the field of philanthropy allowing for grantmakers to collaborate and find answers and solutions to any questions or problems that arise.

We urge you to utilize this wonderful site, as it is a great resource for learning and improvement of skills in the field of philanthropy!

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