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Feed Gazan Families In-Need While Supporting Local Farmers 

With over 80% of Gazans living in poverty and 47% unemployed, many families are unsure where their next meal will come from. Taawon is collecting donations this Ramadan to help feed hungry families with fresh, high-quality food purchased from local farmers to alleviate the devastating impact of the blockade on Gaza. A single $200 donation will feed a family for the entire month of Ramadan while also providing vital business to local farmers. Taawon hopes to assist 3,000 families and 400 local farmers over the course of five weeks.

Last year, your donations provided food to 5700 families and supported 530 local vendors, in addition to providing over 1200 workdays to unemployed individuals. Give now to continue this incredible effort and help provide hope and comfort to those who are struggling to put food on the table.

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About this Fund

This agency fund supports Taawon (formerly the Welfare Association) in Palestine, a leading Palestinian nonprofit organization, working in Palestine and in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

With programs in education, community development, emergency aid, and cultural preservation, Taawon aims to achieve the following:

  • Encourage the preservation of Palestinian culture and identity and the revival of Palestinian cultural heritage.
  • Develop, upgrade and empower Palestinian individuals to become productive, professional and capable of achieving their goals and aspirations and to contribute to economic and social change.
  • Empower local institutions and assist them in providing services that respond to the needs of Palestinians by employing the requirements of good governance and achieving sustainability.
  • Provide rapid and effective response to any emergency situation that may put the life, security or health of Palestinians at risk.


Additional Information about the Taawon Fund

Taawon also administers the Orphans of Gaza 2014 Program, which provides a comprehensive, long-term approach to strategically meet the needs of 2,500 orphans, from infancy through age 22. From healthcare and housing, to school uniforms and university fees, to vocational training and employability skills, the program surrounds each orphan with a fully-integrated support system throughout the critical years of childhood and adolescence.

Taawon is the only organization of its kind – give now to make a real difference for Palestinians!

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