Arabic Immersion Magnet School (AIMS) Fund

This fund supports the transformative work of the Arabic Immersion Magnet School (AIMS) in Houston Texas. In our increasingly globalized world, it’s never too early to introduce young minds to a learning experience that expands children’s horizons and awareness of world cultures. At AIMS, students from pre-kindergarten to eighth-grade learn through a curriculum fostering dual-language proficiency, holistic learning and appreciation for Arab culture.

What this school offers: Students at AIMS experience an immersive learning model where a significant portion of their coursework is conducted in Arabic, laying a robust foundation for fluency in the language.  This approach prioritizes language learning, placing it at the forefront rather than as an afterthought. Additionally, students partake in cultural experiences such as dabke courses and other arts programming.

Imagining a more compassionate world: AIMS takes pride in its commitment to inclusivity, welcoming students from various backgrounds, both Arab and non-Arab. The environment is effective for building bridges and fostering cultural exchange among diverse communities while introducing the rich culture of the Arab world to individuals of all cultures and nationalities.

Bringing opportunities to students: As a public school designated as Title I, AIMS serves many students from underserved communities. Supporting this work is critically important to keeping its mission alive and providing opportunities for these students.

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Current campaign: 

AIMS is actively fundraising to purchase a minimum of 10 new smart boards for their dedicated instructors. These technologically interactive whiteboards significantly improve the learning experience for students by introducing engagement through interactivity, multimedia integration, and opportunities for collaboration.

To realize this initiative, AIMS hopes to raise $4,700 for the purchase of these 10 new boards. Your generous contribution to the AIMS Fund, held at the Center for Arab American Philanthropy, will play a crucial role in bringing this important technology to the nation’s only public Arabic immersion school.

Join us in transforming education! Your support is not just a donation; it’s an investment in shaping the future of education. By contributing to the AIMS Fund, you become a partner in creating an even more impactful learning environment for students.

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