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Compassion and persistence come full circle: Aref’s Story

Fleeing bombs and bullets, Dr. Aref Alkhouli and his family fled Al Ghouta, Syria. They arrived in 2016 to Dearborn, Michigan, seeking refuge. The family had lost their home, their job, and even their loved ones. Dr. Alkhouli had worked as a veterinarian in Syria, but after months of searching, he had yet to find employment…

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New Americans and a new meaning of “home”: The Alasad family

Fleeing the horrors of the war in Daraa, Syria, Samer and Haifa Alasad made the choice to leave their home to keep their children Abdullah, Faid, and Hanan safe. After four years in a Jordanian refugee camp, the Alasads gathered what little belongings they had and moved to Michigan. The move was much more difficult…

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One refugee family’s journey from Syria to the U.S.

Imagine having to start over in a new country with no job, no family support, and the inability to speak the native language. This is exactly what Zozan Alhajji faced with her husband, Moussa, and their two children Sam and Elva, after fleeing war in Syria in search of a better future for their kids….

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