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Fatima Taj reflects on three years as a teen philanthropist

Fatima Taj is nothing short of a rising star in Dearborn, MI. The recent high school graduate has already made a name for herself through prolific involvement in her community. As president of her high school’s Art Club, she worked with her fellow peers to beautify their learning environment by doing such projects as painting…

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lina harajli

Planned giving can be a beacon of hope for years to come

Planned giving is a form of strategic philanthropy that is often overlooked. Sometimes referred to as gift planning or legacy giving, it is a way to support nonprofits that enable individuals to make larger gifts than they could make from ordinary income. In short, a planned gift is any major gift, made in lifetime or at death…

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Compassion and persistence come full circle: Aref’s Story

Fleeing bombs and bullets, Dr. Aref Alkhouli and his family fled Al Ghouta, Syria. They arrived in 2016 to Dearborn, Michigan, seeking refuge. The family had lost their home, their job, and even their loved ones. Dr. Alkhouli had worked as a veterinarian in Syria, but after months of searching, he had yet to find employment…

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