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Sara Minkara

Sara Minkara is empowering blind youth through integration

Sara Minkara, a born and raised Bostonian, has tackled a very important unmet need. Sara lost her vision at age 7, but was fortunate to be surrounded by supportive family, friends, and technical services. It was only when she traveled to Lebanon on a family visit that she noticed a disparity of services for blind individuals,…

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Amanda Saab

MasterChef Amanda Saab’s flavorful philanthropy

CAAP recently had a chance to speak with Amanda Saab, 2015 MasterChef contestant, to learn more about her giving philosophy and passions. Amanda’s impressive drive can be seen in everything she does, including her dedication to causes she cares about, her career as a social worker, and her superior skills in the kitchen. CAAP: Can…

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Maysoon Zayid

Maysoon Zayid: Combining Humor With Compassion

One of America’s first Arab and Muslim American women comedians, Maysoon Zayid has made her mark in both the world of comedy and philanthropy. Maysoon, who is from New Jersey, is of Palestinian descent and was born with cerebral palsy. She is widely known for her acting and comedic career—she was a full time contributor…

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