The deepening economic crisis in Lebanon has robbed countless young people of the opportunity to continue their studies in their beloved country. Many of these young people are students living abroad semester-to-semester, not knowing if they’ll be able to afford their tuition.

The Kaffi Scholarship Fund supports the critical efforts of the nonprofit organization, Kaffi, which has led an incredible initiative to bring much-needed scholarships to financially-struggling Lebanese students studying abroad.

Kaffi’s mission is rooted in its belief that empowering today’s youth will ultimately contribute to a more hopeful future for Lebanon. By uplifting today’s students, this Fund aims to equip young people with the resources, leadership skills and experience to return to Lebanon and help build a more prosperous country.

In 2021 and 2022, Kaffi provided scholarships to nearly 30 students across Europe, effectively empowering them to carry on with their education.

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Current Campaign

Kaffi is looking to expand its impact to help students not just in Europe but in the United States too, where skyrocketing tuition rates have resulted in many students having no choice but to drop out of their academic journeys. Give to the Kaffi Scholarship Fund and, together, we can set these students up for success and help guarantee them a path to promising careers.

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