Art is a beautiful manifestation of emotions and experiences, but it is also a powerful tool to spark creativity and create cultural awareness. Recognizing its importance and the limited resources available for the creative disciplines, Dr. Ghaleb Daouk established the Cultural Dialogue for the Arts Fund as a vehicle to promote Arab culture and support artists who are bringing their heritage to life through the realms of visual arts and music.

As an amateur player of the flute and nay, Dr. Daouk is a music enthusiast with a passion for art and his cultural heritage. The fund will support programs and awards that serve Arab American artists of any medium, as well as other artists promoting the dissemination of Arab arts and culture in the United States. Whether the theme is historic or contemporary, realistic or abstract, Arab Americans have a rare style of expression that is inspired by their unique identity and challenges as immigrants and children of immigrants. In empowering these individuals to tell their stories and share their struggles, society as a whole will benefit by being exposed to new viewpoints and ideas that will foster empathy and build bridges of compassion and understanding.

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