In an effort to help underprivileged people in Lebanon, the Ajialouna Fund was established to support the powerful and effective work of Ajialouna, a women-led nonprofit charitable organization with a vision to bring equity and prosperity to impoverished people in Lebanon.

In its 26 years of service, Ajialouna has tackled issues of poverty in many of the country’s vulnerable communities, including children, women and the elderly. By equipping people with much-needed resources, this organization has helped many families learn, work and live meaningful lives.

Ajialouna’s approach to empowering people is holistic by
  • Ensuring access to quality healthcare
  • Expanding educational opportunities
  • Providing food security
  • Increasing social resilience
  • Empowering women
  • Providing disaster relief and aid

Current Campaign:

The widespread poverty in Lebanon is forcing many K-12 and college-aged students, especially young girls and women, to completely withdraw from their education. In response to the alarming increasing dropout rates, current donations to the Ajialouna Fund will support the S.O.S (Save Our Students) Project. This powerful initiative aims to halt the fast deterioration of the Lebanese educational sector. The project will be implemented in two critical phases:

  • Phase 1: Reversing illiteracy and dropout rates among K-12 students in Lebanon by increasing student retainment rates and supporting Lebanese teachers
  • Phase 2: Empowering Lebanese youth, especially young women, by connecting them to scholarship resources and assisting them in university and/or career placements programs

A collaboration between Ajialouna, LEAP and Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, this initiative will empower communities across Lebanon by providing the resources to learn and grow, in hopes of ultimately securing a more hopeful future for Lebanon.

This campaign is championed by Dr. Randa Hilal Dandan, Nada Kaissi Delaware, Najwa Dweik, Zeina Hanna, Charbel Mansour, Mona Mikati, Michele Munkarah and Nadine Kaissi Tayara.

Your donation to the Ajialouna Fund will ease hardship and create sustainable growth opportunities for generations to come in Lebanon.

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