A Look into Arab American Giving

Today, Arab American philanthropists are giving back in all areas of American society while continuing to support communities in need across the world. As Arab Americans reclaim their own narrative about their contributions and impact in this country, no story is complete without uplifting the ways that Arab American philanthropy contributes to improving communities, our country, and the world.

Our Giving Has Been Powerful But Invisible

Over the past two decades, the philanthropic community has committed resources and facilitated shared learning to strengthen giving in communities of color. While research has been conducted on giving in African American, Latinx, Asian American and Indigenous communities, no extensive research has been conducted on giving in the Arab American community.

There was not enough data. Until now.

Our hope, as the nation’s only Arab American community foundation, is that A Tapestry of Giving will lead to richer conversations about the impact and role of Arab American giving in shaping our society.

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We invite you to dive deep in the data, and learn all about giving behavior, practices and trends in our community. Findings from research on giving in the Arab American community have surfaced nine themes.

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