Center for Arab American Philanthropy (CAAP) Staff

Maha Freij

ACCESS Deputy Executive Director & CFO

Maha provides strategic guidance for the CAAP program. In her free time, Maha loves gardening.

We can change the world by intentionality for good.

Katherine Hayek Asuncion

Donor Services and Program Officer

Katy oversees the operations of the CAAP program, and is responsible for administering CAAP grantmaking and donor outreach. In her free time Katy enjoys horseback riding.

We can change the world by never underestimating the power of small acts of kindness.

Jamie Kim

Program Consultant

Jamie helps guide CAAP’s programmatic and development strategy. In her free time, Jamie likes to read and spend time with her kids.

We can change the world by giving young people the tools they need to become leaders in their communities.

Chelsea Liddy


Chelsea manages several grant portfolios, coordinates all CAAP events, and oversees CAAP’s youth philanthropy program: TGI. In her free time, Chelsea likes to read, spend time with her partner, and travel.

We can change the world by working to ensure that life is a little fairer for everyone.

Dillon Fuad Odeh

Program Generalist

Dillon helps to process donor advised fund grants, acts as community manager for CAAP’s digital communications, and is an advisor to the TGI program. In his free time, Dillon is a talented debke performer and artist.

We can change the world by coming together and sharing our generosity and kindness with those in need.

Marwa Harp

Program Fellow

Marwa is an advisor to the TGI program and works on youth engagement tasks and collaborations. In her free time, Marwa loves to explore new places and indulge in their coffee.

We can change the world by listening more carefully to our youth.

Henry Ballout

Program Intern

Henry provides operational assistance to CAAP. In his free time, Henry enjoys photography.

We can change the world by actively promoting human welfare.