In an effort to help underprivileged people in Lebanon, community leaders Mona Mikati and Michele Munkarah established the Ajialouna Fund to support the powerful and effective work of Ajialouna, a women-led nonprofit charitable organization with a vision to bring equity and prosperity to impoverished people in Lebanon.

In its 26 years of service, Ajialouna has tackled issues of poverty in many of the country’s vulnerable communities, including children, women and the elderly. By equipping people with much-needed resources, this organization has helped many families learn, work and live meaningful lives.

Ajialouna’s approach to empowering people is holistic by
  • Ensuring access to quality healthcare
  • Expanding educational opportunities
  • Providing food security
  • Increasing social resilience
  • Empowering women
  • Providing disaster relief and aid

By supporting the Ajialouna Fund, you can ease hardship and create sustainable growth opportunities for generations to come in Lebanon.

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