The Dr. Basim Dubaybo International College Endowed Scholarship Fund — established by Dr. Basim Dubaybo – supports scholarships for high-performing students from low income families attending the prestigious International College of Beirut.

Dr. Dubaybo was inspired to create this Fund from his sincere desire to pay it forward after receiving the necessary support and aid himself to attend the International College of Beirut as a young student.

This Fund aims to empower underserved youth by granting them access to a valuable and quality education at one of the region’s most highly sought-after educational institutions that draws more than 3,600 students from across the Middle East, Europe, and elsewhere to a highly diverse and inclusive space, as well as develop leadership skills through a various array of meaningful extra-curriculars and profound community service projects and initiatives.

When we uplift all students —regardless of background and socio-economic status —we create a richer, more equitable and authentic learning experience, and we transform the status quo of our communities by empowering generations of future leaders that will undoubtedly continue to inspire us all.

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