Dalia Assocation Palestinian Community Fund

The Dalia Association Palestinian Community Fund supports the Dalia Association, which is a Palestinian community foundation that empowers local Palestinians through giving. The fund’s purpose is to engage the Palestinian diaspora in the U.S. by involving them in supporting community-led development in Palestine. Dalia was established in 2007 by members of the Palestinian community from all over the world. Its mission is to mobilize and properly utilize resources necessary to empower a vibrant, independent, and accountable civil society.

The Women Supporting Women Program is Dalia’s largest community-controlled grantmaking program. It brings together women to mobilize local resources for local or regional projects of their choice.  This program is entirely run by women, and extends funding solely to women’s organizations. Dalia works with women’s organizations to build their capacity in running projects successfully and transparently, while also helping them to develop methods to access and utilize community resources. Through this Program, Dalia empowers women to make independent decisions for the benefit of themselves and their communities, outside traditional male-dominated circles.

When the Sidreh Women’s Society in the Negev needed a solar concentrator to harness the power of clean energy to reduce the cost of producing dyes for their wool carpets, Dalia’s Women Support Women program was able to help. Through Sidreh’s network of 6 women’s centers across the area, approximately 150 Bedouin women are provided with an opportunity to develop the traditional skills of spinning and weaving the wool, to acquire new roles and skills in dyeing, production and business management, and to earn income through their work.

Dalia grantee - Sidreh Women's Society - weaver

By supporting the Dalia Association Palestinian Community Fund, you can help give Palestinians agency over their own resources, and the right to determine their own needs.

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