Building Blocks for
New Americans Fund

It is often the newest arrivals – immigrants and refugees fleeing war and economic hardship – who have the hardest time adjusting to life in America. But we can help out. Together we can be the building blocks for several New American families.

What do we mean by “building blocks”? Well, often all that’s needed to get a family on track to self-sufficiency is access to dependable childcare, reliable transportation, and a secure roof over their heads. We see these essential resources as building blocks to a successful future that allows families to thrive.

We are working with reliable partner agencies to get our New American families the resources they need – resources that are often overlooked or underfunded by government assistance. Many families are expected to survive on a daily basis without a car, without warm boots for their kids, and without sufficient resources to afford rent.

Our first campaign will raise $100,000 to aid 25 New American families from Syria who have been identified by ACCESS. Once we have met this goal, we hope to launch additional campaigns to expand the program to others in need. You can make a concrete difference by giving to the Building Blocks for New Americans Fund at CAAP. When you give, at any amount, you will help us unlock matching funds from a generous pool of donors. Let’s show how welcoming and vibrant our country can be, and give New American families a secure future in their new home!

JUNE 2017 UPDATE: We’re proud to announce that we’ve exceeded our original goal of $100,000, and will be able to assist New American families in both Houston and Metro Detroit. Thanks to everyone who supported!

Give to the Building Blocks for New Americans Fund!

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